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Membership & Fees

Membership Program

The ACA individual mandate has been repealed, which eliminates the penalty for failing to carry health insurance, effective 2019. As a result, many healthy individuals will opt out of healthcare coverage, or they may purchase a catastrophic health insurance plan. Our Membership Program is a great alternative in lieu of health insurance or as a supplement to a low monthly payment, high premium insurance plan.

Monthly Membership - Any Age

  • Free Annual Wellness Exam
  • Priority Scheduling
  • More Time With Healthcare Provider
  • Free Sports Physicals
  • 10% Discount On Vaccines
  • Discounted Blood Work*
  • Partner Benefits

Annual Membership - Any Age

  • Same Features As Monthly Membership
  • 10% Discount Is Applied
Discount When Paid Annually
Additional Discount When Whole Family Signs Up

Examples of Membership Savings on Common Visit Fees and Blood Work


With Membership

Private Pay


Nurse Only Visit (Lab Test, Vaccination)




Simple Visit (1 Condition)




Intermediate Visit (2-3 Conditions)




Detailed Visit (4+ Conditions)




Flu Test




Strep Test




Blood Glucose



Up To 4x Private Pay

Lipid Panel (Cholesterol Screening)



Up To 4x Private Pay

CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel)



Up To 4x Private Pay

CBC (Complete Blood Count)



Up To 4x Private Pay

Prostate Cancer Screening (PSA)



Up To 4x Private Pay

TSH (Thyroid)



Up To 4x Private Pay

Well Child Exam**




Adult Wellness Screening Package***




*Exclusions may apply.   ** Plus charges for lab tests and vaccines, if applicable. Available for up to 17 years of age.   *** Age 18 and above.

Partner Benefits

10% Discount

Contact For Details

10% Discount + David and Goliath Program

10% Discount

25% Off All Supplements

5% Off Supplements

25% Off Low-Level Light Therapy Packages

10% Off An Hour Massage

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